Bone is the basic part of the skeleton animation. Bones can be rotated, scaled, and translated.


There are 2 ways to create a bone:

  1. Select the "Create bone" tool in toolbar, in edit view, press the left mouse button where you want the bone to start, then drag to set the bone's length.Alternatively, you can click to create a zero length bone. 

  2. Click the "Create bone" button on the Scene panel, then a bone point will be created.


  • A parent bone must be selected before creating a bone.

  • Root bone is exist in new project by default. The root bone cannot be removed. But it can be renamed.

  • All the other bones (except for root bone) can be removed. All the bones can be renamed.

  • The child bones and the slot and images in it wil be removed when the parent bone is removed.

  • Child bones will inherit the scale, rotation, and translation of the parent bone.

  • A bone can have more than one bone, but only one parent.

  • The name of bone is unique.

  • The bones can be multiple selected.